Nourish, AL was created through a partnership between Hornsby Farms and Pediatrician, Katie Wolter. Nourish, AL is a hunger initiative aimed at providing food insecure families in Lee County and the surrounding community with healthy nutritious foods and the tools to prepare them. Each week we provide families in our community with healthy nutritious fruits and vegetables, grains, pantry staples and more. Our vision behind these weekly baskets is not only to provide physical nourishment to families in need but also to build relationships, provide hope, and nourish their whole selves. We have continued to deliver produce to our families for almost every week since November of 2016 and we hope to feed families through The Nourish Foundation for many years to come.



Weekly Produce Baskets

Currently we are serving 10 families on a weekly basis with our produce baskets. Each week our team works hard to find a variety of produce to make each basket a nutritious and balanced mix. Baskets are packed by our volunteers and delivered to the homes of our recipients each Friday.

Nourish Blooms

Nourish Blooms are our locally grown fresh cut flowers. The flowers are grown, arranged and sold in the Spring and Summer and all proceeds go to benefit the hunger alleviation efforts of the Nourish Foundation. Our flowers can be seen at local businesses like Coffee Cat and The Hound, but are also available for personal orders and subscriptions.


Special Fundraisers

Every year we have seasonal benefit dinners, called Nourish Family Suppers, out at Hornsby Farms and at local restaurants. These dinners provide a source of fundraising and community-building around the efforts of the Nourish Foundation. We also have holiday jams and/or jellies to bring in another source of revenue for Nourish along with seasonal drives to support our families in any way we can.