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The Marketing and Social Media Intern will be responsible for all mass communication to the Nourish Community and assist with heading up all social media platforms. They will be responsible for generating new ideas and partnerships to get the Nourish name out in the community and gain more support for the organization. They will partner with all other facets of the Nourish Foundation to market and/or send emails regarding all events, drives, and meetings that need support or to be mass communicated. Lastly, they will be in charge of keeping our support base updated with ongoings in monthly newsletters. 


Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversight of all Nourish social media platforms and posts

  • Generating new marketing campaigns and partnerships to grow our support base

  • Brand development and management

  • Strong written and visual communication skills

  • Marketing, social media management experience or pursuing a degree in a related field will be given priority

  • Semester-long internship offered Fall, Spring, and Summer terms 

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The Nonprofit Management Intern is a multi-faceted job that gives insight into the operations and job responsibilities of working in the nonprofit sector. This intern will gain experience in nonprofit development work, daily operations, grant-writing, and administrative work.


Job Responsibilities: 

  • Assisting with operations of assembling and delivering our weekly produce baskets

  • Administrative work such as emails, organization, and general tasks

  • Strong persuasive writing ability and the desire to learn grant-writing

  • Desire to serve others and gain experience in the nonprofit sector

  • Semester-long internship offered Fall, Spring, and Summer terms 

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Seeking a Special Events Intern to be the point person for the planning and execution of seasonal Nourish Family Suppers and any other special events that may arise. The intern will be in charge of communicating with vendors, restaurants, and/or chefs to help pull off Nourish Dinners and/or special events that require extensive preparation and planning. They will also be the idea generator for new events, development to incorporate into existing events, and overall ensuring that events go off without a hitch.


Job Responsibilities: 

  • Plan and execute all aspects of Nourish Family Suppers

  • Communication with local vendors and chefs for these events

  • Dream up and execute new events to fundraise and advertise

  • Highly organized and effective project manager

  • Event-planning experience or pursuing a degree in a related field will be given priority

  • Semester-long internship offered Fall, Spring, and Summer terms