Beth Hornsby

Beth Hornsby owns and operates Hornsby Farms alongside her husband and family. With an already instilled passion for her community and the underserved, Beth jumped at the opportunity to give back when Katie approached her with the idea for Nourish, AL. She has strong ties in the community, especially in the restaurant and agriculture scene, which has been used well through basket production and seasonal Nourish Family Suppers. Beth is responsible every week for picking produce and collaborating with other farms or markets to create our weekly baskets for our families that are full and balanced.


Dr. Katie Wolter

As a nutrition major in college and now a pediatrician in the community, Katie was struck by the number of food insecure children and families in the Lee County area. She believes very strongly in the importance of eating healthy food as a child in order to create healthy adults in the future and it was out of this strong conviction and obvious need that the idea for Nourish, AL was born. She is in charge of identifying families from her clinic, coordinating produce bag deliveries and volunteers, program development, and Nourish Blooms.